Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Adventures in Non-TV Land

Take my boring cable, take my old tv, you can’t take the sky from me, since I’ve found Serenity.

Lately I’ve been finding myself with an extra hour or two of spare time in the evenings. It’s not like I haven’t been doing anything after work, all my chores are getting done, the cat is happy with her purr time, my daily blog entry is posted, and my sci-fi short stories are in progress.

Where has all this free time sprung from?

Earlier this year I finally decided to cancel my Shaw cable service. I wasn’t intentionally trying to find time for anything, Shaw Cable had taken me to my breaking point with their worst customer service issues ever. I mostly follow the sci-fi/fantasy genres and there’s not a whole lot on TV that I did watch. Even Space Channel has its fair share of crappy programs.

After I cancelled my Shaw Cable service I figured it would give me a little extra time for writing projects but I hadn’t expected an excess!

Now that I no longer have cable service I won’t watch a program unless it has a fairly long run and ends properly. TV Networks are notorious for cancelling quality TV programs, leaving us at a cliffhanger, with no hopes of a happily ever after. Take Sanctuary for instance, that had a 4 season run and had a proper ending. I have bought all the CDs now. What the CDs cost me was worth one month of cable service. Take that Shaw Cable and... oh wait, I already told them that.

As I have adjusted to my new schedule I’m discovering just how much time I spent watching TV.

This TV-free life is proving to be quite rewarding! Let’s hope I don’t get bored with my crafty writing projects or I may have to take up drinking to occupy my hours!

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