Sunday, May 13, 2012

Journey 2: The Mysterious Island Movie Review

What's a May weekend without viewing a steampunk movie? The second movie in the Jules Verne Journey saga The Mysterious Island fits the bill perfectly. This movie is a rollicking good time for young and old adventurers alike.

The first movie in the franchise was Journey to the Center of the Earth. I believe I enjoyed the second movie more, no offense to Brendan Fraser. 

Mysterious Island gives a nod to the steampunk society with its Victorian sci-fi theme moved forward to the modern day. The Nautilus submarine is fabulous and I wished the shots had lingered on it for longer. Since this was a movie for all ages, several scientific gaffes could be overlooked, including the underwater scenes.

The movie is well-cast with an interesting mix of characters. The storyline is quite simple: Sean must rescue his grandfather who is stranded on a sinking island. Once he convinces his step-dad, they pick up a charming helicopter captain and his beautiful daughter along the way. Most of the conflict is from the island and its exotic creatures.

Unfortunately Captain Nemo is only viewed as a mummy in passing and unless we've read the book not much detail is forthcoming.

The next movie will be From the Earth to the Moon. You can read my book review here. I'm quite excited about this one!

If you've already seen Avengers and Dark Shadows, Journey 2: The Mysterious Island is a good third choice.

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