Saturday, May 5, 2012

Will You Thank the Lord for the Apocalypse?

It's eerily quiet outside

An article on Yahoo entitled "Will the world end in 2012?" reports that 9 percent of Canadians believe in the December 21, 2012 Apocalypse. These people believe that according to the ancient Mayan calendar, the world will actually be ending!

There has been some dispute over whether the Mayans in fact have predicted this or they just hadn't invented an infinity symbol for their calendars yet.

What gives me a chuckle is the contingent that the Mayans got the date wrong, or that we have somehow miscalculated it due to the Gregorian calendar not existing during Mayan Times. Does this mean that these people believe that the Apocalypse is coming, but that we have the date wrong?!

For the 9%, I'd like to do a poll and find out how they believe the world will be ending. A World War III? Perhaps a drought or flood? An alien invasion? Or will it be an all-out zombie Apocalypse? Zombie fans are a-plenty on the online social groups.

I'm also finding it a bit troubling that 9% of Canadians even have this belief. Are they depressed over the Canadian economic predictions? They should be jubilant. Now there's no need to find a job, as one will not have to support oneself past December 21st.
Perhaps the believers are like me, a science fiction fan who has hopped on the bandwagon and decided that a big celebration is in order. I joined a Zombie Apocalypse survival group. She who is prepared has greater chances for survival. 

I've even bought a calendar containing the countdown, plus survival tips. The calendar does go past December 21st, but all those days are crossed off. I was a bit annoyed at first that there is no space to write anything on the calendar, but then realized that there really is no point in celebrating or doing anything this year, unless it is in direct correlation to the Apocalypse.

The title of this post is in reference to a song by Abney Park. They'll be entertaining us after the Apocalypse.

I'd like to tell everyone that I'll see you all there, but sadly I can't.


  1. We had fun discussing this over at my blog a few weeks ago. What the Mayans actually predicted was a change in the world as we know it, not the end of the world. I guess a zombie world would fit into that idea of change. LOL Have fun with your zombie calander. I think that would annoy me as well.

  2. Perhaps this will be the year to pay attention to what's happening in the world.