Monday, February 25, 2019

Flash Fiction: The Key to Time

The Key to Time
by Mel Dawn

Jane was going through the junk in the attic of the new house they had just bought. The former owners had never tossed anything out. Annoyed, she grabbed stuff and tossed it into a garbage bag. 

She grabbed another book off the shelf. Something dropped to the floor by her feet. It was a set of ancient brass keys. 

She briefly wondered what they could be for, but remembered there was an old desk here.

Now, she could see what was inside. The third key worked.

The drawer opened. Inside were several photographs, letters, and a small jewel box. When she touched a girl’s ring, the ghost of a little girl popped out of the box. 

Jane smiled at the image. 

“Hey, Jane, are you done up here yet?”

“Just a minute.”

“Do you have the garbage?”

“No, I want to have a better look.”

“I thought you said it was junk.”

“I think we can donate some to the Museum. These things belonged to a family and were very important to them. I’d feel bad just tossing it all out.”

“Works for me,” said her husband.

Flash Fiction: Theftproof

by Mel Dawn

Mark entered the cafe and tossed his backpack onto the floor.

“Hi, I’m Mark.”

“It’s ready.” She handed him a large brown bag and several drinks.

He carried his order to the table. “What the?” he exclaimed. “Someone has taken my bag!”


“That was an easy steal,” Tony thought.

Not bad. A tablet, a flip phone, and a box. He opened it.

Mist swirled out of it, along with the figure of a woman. “Return me or I shall haunt you forever,” she screamed at him.

It wasn’t just the image. Tony felt coldness and despair pierce his heart. He quickly closed the box and tossed it back.

“Now!” the voice yelled.

He raced back to the coffee shop.


Mark was in despair. They had searched all over. Then a man rushed in. 

“Sorry, I grabbed it by mistake!” He dropped the backpack onto the floor then quickly left.

“Mom!” said Tony, in relief. He pulled the box from the backpack. “Now we can resume your celebration of life.”