Monday, June 16, 2014

Mel's Predictions for the Year 2020

My blog has been a bit neglected this month, due to several projects in progress. Let's try something fun. What's the year 2020 going to be like? Finance? Business? Entertainment? Here's my top 10 predictions for the year 2020. Five years from now I'll check my predictions and see how many of them came true. 

1. The television show Doctor Who will still be running. David Tennant will come back as Doctor number ten AND Doctor number 18, the first actor on Doctor Who to return for a future season. They'll work the details into the plot, with Martha, Donna and Captain Jack returning as well. 

2. All the major TV networks will fold and everyone will be watching their programs via web or Netflix. Privately-held companies will sponsor television programs and they'll be higher-quality scripts as more is at stake.

3. 80% of employed persons in North America will become self-employed. At no other time in history will there be so many small business start ups as now.

4. Walmart will have gone bankrupt and be gone. Target will do well in the US, and Zellers will make a comeback in Canada.

5. So many self-employed Canadians will be making under $19,999 per year that they won't have to pay income tax.

6. Due to the major overseas job fiasco, the Liberal government will permanently be in its grave. The Green Party will be the new opposition government.

7. Due to a huge employee-abuse suit, most major corporations will fold, leaving mom and pop shops to take up the slack. When leasing rates go up, more small business owners will choose to run businesses online or from home.

8. Housing prices will plummet, allowing families to purchase their first home. Especially important as small business owners will need extra space.

9. The creators of Doctor Who will announce ten new science fiction television show start-ups, and they'll all be awesome.

10. GMOs will be banned world-wide and all food must be organic. If it's not organic, then it must be labelled as such. So, organic becomes the norm, becoming affordable, leaving junk food as a luxury product.