Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Being a Science Fiction Writer Means Writing, Not Waiting

Many readers don't realize that I have written over 150 published and paid non-fiction articles. A good 3/4 of those were about annihilating your credit card, before it annihilated your life. The remainder were a miscellany of topics surrounding jewels, green living, and the 2010 Olympics. 

Since Yahoo bought up Associated Content, I haven't had the chance to write paid non-fiction, but have instead decided to focus my efforts on fiction.

When I was about 15 I wrote this rivetting story about the end of the universe. I wish I hadn't trashed it but it was the first science fiction story I ever wrote.

I started up again around the early 1990s with Dr. Who fan fiction. Many of my stories appeared in James Bow's Mythmakers and DWIN's (Doctor Who Information Network) magazine. 

I've decided to dust off one of my creations and have posted it to Yahoo Voices, the new incarnation of Associated Content. Please click here to read Short Circuit.

Being a writer is more than merely dreaming, being a writer is actually doing. 

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