Thursday, November 28, 2019

A Guide to How a Dog's Comfort Affects Sleep & Behaviour & How to Fix Dog Insomnia & Irritability

By Mel Dawn, Author of Just One More Purr 

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The Impact of a Good Night’s Sleep Among Dogs

Every creature on the planet requires a good night’s sleep to recharge and feel happy and alert for the day ahead. While we seem to focus a lot on our own sleep needs, often we forget that our dogs need a good night’s sleep also. Has your dog ever woken irritable and on edge? Have they barked a lot during the day, chewed on things they shouldn’t have, and generally been a nuisance? In a way they’re like young children who didn’t have a good night’s rest. Dog sleep is just as important for them too. 

Not only does a dog suffer when they don’t sleep well, but their human owner does too. This can frustrate and annoy the pet owner and make them wonder why their dog is behaving badly throughout the day. And unfortunately, many pet owners abandon their pets instead of trying to find a solution like they would if their own human children weren’t sleeping well at night. 

You may think you’re doing your best to help your dog sleep at night. But are you really? Have you placed big dog beds in a quiet spot in your home? If you have more than one dog, each should have their own bed. Yes, they may decide to sleep with the cat, but it’ll be because they want to. 

A dog really needs a quality memory foam dog bed, or if you have a smaller breed, a memory foam dog sofa for the living room. These types of beds support their bodies, as well as keeping their spinal columns in alignment. A dog’s spinal column is just like a human’s. If it ever goes out of alignment, it’s a costly visit to a chiropractor to get it fixed, as well as pain medications. It’s best to prevent this condition from happening in the first place. 

Buying a high-quality memory foam dog bed today means that money can be saved in the future. A dog who sleeps well is a healthier dog. It’s just like when humans don’t sleep well, eventually it leads to health conditions and expensive medications. They might even lose their jobs at work, or have their relationships affected by people who don’t understand.

So, why not ensure your dog gets a good night’s sleep by buying them a good doggy bed!

What Are Typical Dog Sleeping Habits?

In order to find the best dog beds for your family you’ll need to have a good understanding of your dog’s sleeping habits. For example, a large dog that rolls around a lot will need a larger dog bed, while a smaller dog would be happy with a dog’s couch. Let’s learn a bit more about choosing the best dog beds for large dogs and smaller breeds too. 

You’ll need to observe your dog over the next several nights. What kinds of sleeping positions do they have? They may sleep on their right side or their left side. Some dogs like to sleep all curled up in a ball, much like a cat does when they sleep. Some dogs like to sleep all sprawled out on their tummies, while others sleep on their back with paws in the air. If your dog sleeps with you in the bed, do they sleep on the end? Or perhaps they like to snuggle right up to you in spoon position?

When you observe these patterns, see if there is a reason for them. For instance, a dog with an old dog bed too small for them may sleep curled up. A larger dog may favor one side because he doesn’t like the tough hard exterior shell of a dog bed. A bed may be too hard so a dog may sleep on their tummy.

You’ll also need to observe their behavior regarding their dog beds and their dog sleep. Does your dog sniff their bed and then go and sleep somewhere else? It may be stinky!

Did you know they have waterproof dog beds? You can place a clean dog blanket on top, then remove and wash once a week. As dogs age they may experience small accidents. In order to keep your home smelling fresh, you can easily wash their blankets and not have to worry that urine smells will permeate your waterproof dog bed.

If your dog paws their bed or circles it several times, it may be time for a new dog bed. It may not be soft enough for them. 

If your dog has a really good sleep in their bed, they may have the right one. But if they seem to continually wake, this is a sign that not only is the dog bed in a busy part of your home, but that perhaps they need something a bit more comfy.

Why We Need to Focus On Dog Sleep Importance

We’re always worried about our own sleep but we forget that our beloved pets also need to sleep well too. While cats naturally sleep 16 hours a day anywhere, dogs have certain needs that must be met. Dogs can suffer from poor sleep, just like humans can. And it’s not simple to tell a sleep-deprived dog to stop chewing your slippers, stop barking all day long, or to not pee on the floor. They are simply acting out because they’re not feeling 100%. So, how do we ensure that a dog has a good night’s sleep?

It can seem simple to let a dog sleep on your bed at night. But they’ll only get as good a sleep as you do. If you tossed and turned all night, chances are your dog will too. The best solution is a large pet bed. 

If your dog sleeps well at night then you will too! And you’ll both be able to live happily together. Your dog will adapt to your schedule, so they’ll be ready for a walk once you get up in the morning, and ready to go to bed at night when you do too. 

A pet bed should be placed in a quiet spot away from the busy traffic of your home. Dogs don’t need to have their own rooms – after all they love to be with their humans – but one of the best dog beds can be placed against the wall where no one will trip over it in the night should they get up to use the bathroom. 

If your pooch is one of the smaller breeds, a dog pillow will be just right. Otherwise, a luxury pet bed will help them to sleep at night. You may be surprised to hear that some of the best are memory foam pet beds, after all, memory foam is great for the human spinal cord too!

With a soft comfortable pet bed that supports your dog’s body your dog will be able to have a good night’s rest. And nothing is better than having a happy and healthy dog so you can make the most of your days together. 

How a Dog Sofa More Than Complements Your Living Room Decor

The first thing you may think when purchasing a dog couch is whether it complements your living room decor, but your first consideration should really be your dog. If you have an elderly dog, you may need a special old dog sofa for them. After all, when your dog is happy then you will be too!

Have you ever bought something for your cat, only for them to turn their noses up at it? So, back to the store it went. The same goes for dogs.  When you buy them a good dog’s sofa, you want it to be soft and comfortable, but also to be supportive of their body frame.

The best dog sofa will give your pooch a comfortable sleep, during night or day. They’ll wake up refreshed and ready for a new day with you. They shouldn’t be waking up with aches and pains, so why would you make them sleep on an old blanket or that cat bed the cat no longer wants? 

Just imagine the look on your dog’s face when you open up that box. It’s a large dog sofa for them! They’ll be so excited to try it. Don’t be surprised if at first they seem to be sleeping a bit longer in it. They’re just trying to catch up on their rest.

So, besides the best dog sofa, what should you look for in a dog couch? For one, ensure it’s the right size for them. Not only do you want to choose based on width and length, but also depth. A lighter dog doesn’t need as much depth as a heavier dog. A bigger dog breed needs greater thickness so it doesn’t feel like they are sleeping on the hard floor.

Most of the dog sofas on our site come in colours to complement any type of decor. A dog sofa will fit well with your living room suite, like it’s a part of your room. And your dog will love how they can hang out with the family while they take a well-deserved rest from being a dog all day long. 

How to Choose the Best Orthopedic Dog Bed for Adult Dogs

If you’re ready to toss out your dog’s old blanket or doggy bed, now is the time to find the best dog bed to help your dog get a good’s night rest. As dogs age they can have trouble getting to sleep, just as humans also suffer from insomnia. Whether you have an adult dog, older dog, or special needs dog, they need a comfortable dog mattress that supports and comforts their body. Your dog may be a small, medium, or large dog breed but they can benefit from an orthopedic dog bed. 

You may never have heard of orthopedic dog beds before. But they are much better than simply allowing your dog to sleep on the floor. After all, they suffer from sore joints and muscles just like we do. And they are members of our family. So, good orthopedic pet beds are a necessary luxury for them. Besides, you’ll save on vet bills in the longterm, just like when you feed them a healthy diet!

The orthopedic pet mattress is gaining in popularity. Most pet owners want their dogs to be happy and comfortable when sleeping, with as few disturbances as possible. While some owners allow their pets to sleep on their bed at night, a dog may wake you up, or you may wake them up. Then, no one gets a good night’s rest. 

But if your dog has a good orthopedic pet mattress, you can tuck it into a corner of the room where they can have a good sleep.

If you’re wondering how to choose the best orthopedic pet bed mattress, or orthopedic pet sofa, it’s important to choose one that fits your dog’s breed size: small, medium, or large. Too small and your dog may ditch it for the floor. Too big and your dog may not feel secure. 

Measure your dog at rest to have an idea of which orthopedic dog bed to order. Then check the dog bed measurements. 

Some pet owners also like to coordinate a pet’s bed with their room decor, but this should be second to finding the right size for your pup.

When your dog has their comfortable orthopedic dog bed they may never leave it again! You may be a bit jealous of their memory foam pet bed and want to get one too!