Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Vancouver Fan Expo 2014

Vancouver Fan Expo will be doing its third year run in downtown Vancouver on April 18th to 20th, 2014.

We are excited to meet many of the guests, from Bruce Boxleitner to Bruce Campbell! Robert Englund, Michael Rosenbaum, Charisma Carptener, Giancarlo Esposito, Ray Park, Karl Urban and Stephen Amell are also on the guest list with more RRSPs on the way.

A group of Vancouver Crafty Geeks from Nerd HQ decided to get together and buy a table for the Artists Alley. We are all very excited, and after our contract was approved, we have been hurriedly making nerdy crafts to sell on the table. 

There will be various knick knacks, small crocheted animals, needlepoint pictures, and geeky crocheted dolls. Also save up your cash for the TARDISes. That's right, there will be many limited edition Doctor Who items up for sale. From ornaments, to decorations to soap, there will be plenty of items to make you happy.

Fan Expo opens Friday night at 4 pm and runs until 9 pm. On Saturday the hours run 10-7 pm and on Sunday10 to 5 pm. 

Monday, January 13, 2014

No Pants Subway 2014 - International No Pants Day!

Did you participate in the International No Pants Day while on the train today? 

Just what is this event? No, it's not the promo for Shades of Grey, this is a silly flash mobbing for really no reason at all. In cities across the world, at an appointed time, hundreds of subway riders remove their pants and enjoy their train rides. 

Many photos and silliness ensued this morning. Generally the rules dictate that you're not supposed to talk to your fellow subway riders, but somehow, removing your pants leads to breaking the ice. After all, you're not the only one sitting there without pants on, so are all your fellow train riders!

This event is held twice a year, and started shortly after a New York resident skipped his morning cuppa, forgot to finish dressing, and then ending up riding the subway to work without pants. He reported that instead of being shamed - he was wearing undies after all - his fellow riders giggled and smiled. He continued the event as a yearly tradition with his friends.

Today, the No Pants Ride is organized by Improv Everywhere. There is a set code of conduct. Participants are to pretend they do not know each other and a code of decorum must be followed. If questioned, a participant must answer that they "forgot to put their pants on this morning".

I don't know about you, but this event could SHORTly be UNDIEmined by the No Tops day!