Thursday, April 13, 2017

Vienna, Austria—The Jewel of Europe

Vienna, Austria—The Jewel of Europe

Vienna is a large city located on the eastern side of the country of Austria. It’s one of the most popular vacation destinations in Europe, with a long rich history that dates back to prerecorded history. Fill up on your knowledge of Austria, as you won’t want to miss out on its exciting travel destinations. 

Fun Facts to Know Before You Go

It's believed the word "Austria" is derived from the Germanic word of “Austro”, which means “east”. Austria is a one of the few the countries that has had a national flag longer than other countries on the planet. Vienna is the largest city in Austria, with over a quarter of Austria’s population living here. 

Vienna has the oldest zoo in the world, Vienna Zoo, which was founded in 1752. If you’re travelling around Austria, you may take their reliable network of railways and trains. 

Austria is a beautiful country covered by almost 62% of mountains called the Austrian Alps. 

What to See in Vienna

You can begin with a tour of the Ring, which is a network of roads where the most popular sights are located. The Opera House, Hofburg Palace, City Hall, and Parliament buildings are not to be missed. You can do a walk around, or hop on a bus tour. 

If you need to rest, you can have snacks and treats in the Palmenhaus, or head to the Danube Channel where there are many restaurants offering delicious Austrian cuisine. 

If you’ve done your tours during the day, you’ll not want to miss out on Vienna by night. At night, the buildings are lit up with beautiful lights, offering further photographic opportunities. 

Where to Go for Shopping

If you wish to purchase gifts for family back home, or to sample some baked goods, or buy fresh fruit, and cheese while on your vacation, the Naschmarkt is the one hot spot to visit. It’s over 1.5 kilometres long. There are also many bars and restaurants here, so once you tire of walking around the booths and shops you can stop and have a drink. 

There is also the Brunnemarkt, which has the distinction of being the longest street market in all of Europe. This is a trendy and cultural region of the city to visit, and where you can find everything you need to have a comfortable vacation.

Get Away from the Bustle of the City

There is a lovely park located in Vienna, if you want to get out into nature for a bit, away from the crowds and traffic. Lainzer Tiergarten is a wildlife preserve located in the 13th district of Vienna. It’s covered in about 80% of natural woodlands. You can access it through the tram line. 

There are many more sights and places to visit during your trip to Vienna. Sit down and make your itinerary so you can avoid hopping back and forth, and wasting your time. Many sights are located together, so you’ll be able to make the most of your vacation in Vienna, Austria.