Wednesday, May 2, 2012

From the Spyglass of an Adventurer: The Flight of the Absinthe Addict

I’ve given myself two writing challenges this month. The first one is to write a brief piece of fiction for Thrilling Thursdays. The second is to post a little steamy something to my blog for 21 days in a row, as a countdown to Queen Victoria’s 150th birthday this year.

A couple of weekends ago I attended the third annual Victoria Steam Exposition 
at the Empress Hotel, located in Victoria, BC.

Our first evening was spent across the street at the nostalgic Union Club where many Members of Parliament plotted their next move. This gentlemen's only club has since opened its doors to everyone.
Here is a brief review in photos of this delightful evening spent in the company of ladies and gentlemen, while sipping absinthe. Photo: A cabinet from one of the meeting rooms, me wearing my fascinator, the outside of the Union Club, a theremin, a bottle of absinthe, wood panelled ceilings and light fixture, and an absinthe spoon.

The room was resplendent in finely carved wood panelling, comfortable furniture, bone china and antique lamps. We had the chance to take a tour of the entire building.

After being regalled with the history of absinthe, we had the chance to sample three different bottles, with my favourite being "Taboo" from the Okanagan. This liquid has a highly toxic alcohol content but after being treated to the ice cold water fountain and a sugar cube it became delicious. After several flights our companions started feeling grand. Perhaps this was because of the wormwood content?

This enjoyable Friday evening was spent socializing with the creative and yet technological society of the steampunk community and sampling tasty concoctions.


  1. Wonderful to hear about your evening Mel! Really wished we could have come to it. Hugs, Jean

  2. I wished you could have made it too. There is always next year! Stay tuned for Saturday and Sunday activities.