Sunday, May 27, 2012

From the Spyglass of an Adventurer: Victoria Steam Exposition Part Three

I’ve greatly delayed in posting about the third day of the Victoria Steam Exposition.

We did some wandering around Victoria on this day, so we missed a few things at the show.

We started with a Steampunk Roundtable panel with writers Ann & Jeff Vandermeer; The Airship Ambassador from the Airship Ambassador website; Captain Robert from the band Abney Park promoting his book; and Kaja Foglio writer from Girl Genius fame. At the end of the panel they each answered a few questions on their respective projects.
Captain Robert, Kristina and Mel Dawn

We then had a lovely walk around Victoria's downtown area. Many passersby were dismayed that they had forgotten to wear their steampunk gear this weekend. 

We found numerous comic books stores, as well as a bookshop in a heritage building. At "Munro's" I found a large selection of steampunk books. I was able to acquire KW Jeter’s “Infernal Devices” for a book club event.

When we returned to the hotel we took a few group photos in the Empress Hotel's courtyard.

Next up was the best event of the day, a steampunk-themed fashion show. Jordan, one of the event organisers told us that this was their third attempt at holding a fashion show and this year they succeeded! 

That being the final event of the Exposition, there was nothing left to do but head to the ferries.

Please check out my blog entries from Friday night and Saturday, if you missed them earlier.

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