Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Victorian Perfume Adventure: Guest Blogging Along

About a year ago I discovered the Perfume Shoppe tucked away in the lovely Sinclair Centre, in downtown Vancouver, BC. Here you can sample scrumptious French perfumes made from the finest natural ingredients.

If you're seeking designer perfumes, made with their allergenic synthetic formulas, you won't find any here. This Shoppe only stocks the finest perfumes that royalty and celebrities really wear. What, you thought they wore their own name brand perfumes? Highly unlikely, those are formulated from cheap ingredients with the goal of earning a celebrity an easy million dollars. Real French perfumes are designed out of sheer olfactory love and not mass-marketed schemes.

I tend to favour the gourmand type and have discovered that they don’t trigger my allergies like the department store brands do. When I choose to wear blends with coconut, hazelnut, licorice, violet, and rose, I am assured that the ingredients are actually made from flowers and food stuffs. As a guest writer, I’ve written a post entitled A Victorian Perfume Adventure for their blog. Please join us on a trip around the perfume world!

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