Friday, June 1, 2012

Blogger Interruptus

Starting June 13th I'll be taking a short ten day break from blogging in order to work on my steampunk stories, as part of my vacation.

I'll still be working on my professional blogging, so if I have promised anyone an article over the next month, those will still be forthcoming.

I do love to tease, so stay tuned for my secret writing locations! Right now I'm a bit worried about the weather though. We've had an entire hot weekend in Vancouver, and now we're back to our chilly humid season.

I recently submitted a fictional short story and have been promised a response by August. If not, I'm reworking the story a bit and have a list of publications, so I will NOT be giving up on having fiction professionally published!

The non-fiction writing is progressing well. Earlier I posted about my guest blog article entitled "A Victorian Perfume Adventure". I'll be guest blogging at the Perfume Shoppe for the next three months. Stay tuned for my Father's Day Perfume Adventure!

I've also had a jewellery article, plus photos of my work accepted to Dark Beauty Magazine. Stay tuned for their July 1st release. July's issue has a Steampunk theme! You know I'll be all over that!

I've also been greatly saddened by the cat murders in Maple Ridge. Next week is the third anniversary of Cristobel's death by cancer. I have a hard-hitting piece for that day. While it's not aimed at cat abuse, it is aimed at losers who dump their pets at a shelter or worse, into a park. Oh wait, that IS abuse!

I thank everyone who has faithfully been reading my blog articles each day. I'm heading towards 2000 visits in a little over a month. This has exceeded the readership I had when I wrote articles for Yahoo and Associated Content!

I know I have inspired at least one woman to get back to her writing and make her dreams come true. I'll have to get her permission first before I post her blog link, but you know who you are! Please comment below if you have been inspired to work on a blog and possibly try your hand at fiction.

I still have a few more blog entries this month, but don't despair if there is nothing to read for ten days, you can scroll down and read the ones you missed! 

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