Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Definitive Guide to Making a Milestones Bellini or a Melstone's Mellini!

Milestones has the best Bellini ever. When I searched online for a recipe I found a list of ingredients, but not on how to actually make the drink. I searched far and wide and no one really knew the proper way to make a Bellini. I've decided to make up instructions so now everyone knows the proper way to make a Bellini. This drink must be the most difficult and expensive drink ever, but the final resuts are worth it. 

I’m guessing on some of the liquid amounts so you can adjust after you make the first few drinks and see if you want more or less of each type of alcohol. Plus you’ll have all your mixes pre-made, so there will be minimal work near the end.

9 cups 7-Up (not diet and not Sprite!) mixed with peach crystals (Save On Foods has the good brand, read instructions for quantity of drink cyrstals) in pitcher, place in freezer for 3 hours so it gets a bit slushy. When it’s ready continue onto the next step:

Mix first three ingredients together in pitcher:

Slushy mix from above, break it up a bit so you can mix it with champagne and rum

12 cups champagne (don’t use the light alcohol brand like Baby Duck, buy a decent brand, perhaps Segura Viudas)

4 cups white rum (use white rum, dark might not taste right)

Make the “Sangria” topping (half bottle red wine, half bottle brandy, 1 cup peach juice) in pitcher, keep in fridge. 

Note: Make sure you buy 7-Up and not Sprite or it won’t taste right, it wll be sour. I buy peach crystals from Save On foods, the brand at Safeway is lousy and doesn't taste like peach at all. Ideally you can buy ripe peaches and juice them, but I'll leave that up to you.

Put one cup of the slushy champagne mix in a large Magic Bullet container with about 1/3 of ice. Let the bullet smash the ice for about twenty seconds. Once it’s all slushy, I pour into a big glass and make a volcano as pictured above. Then I pour about a half cup of the sangria around the inside edge of the glass and add a straw. If you made it correctly, the red slushy mix should stay around the sides. Feel free to adorn the drink with a small toy.

Now your friends will be really impressed, especially since this drink tastes exactly like a Milestone's Bellini. I've renamed mine a "Milestones Mellini". 


  1. OMG I cannot wait to try this! I LOVE Milestone's bellinis! How long can this mix keep for? Would you keep it in the fridge or freezer?

    1. Sorry, took me a while to see your comment. Yes, you can keep the mixtures for about 4 days, as long as your fridge smells fresh (nothing fishy). You can keep the slush champagne part in the freezer, but remember to take out an hour or so before so it has a chance to desolidify. You'll have to smash up your ice right before you make your drink though, no shortcuts for that.

  2. Do you use the Dr. Oetker brand of Peach Crystals or the Western Family?

  3. Western Family from Save On Foods. I've also bought Peach juice that would be perfect to use, but can't recall where I bought it. Probably Save On, or Buy Low Foods.