Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Steampunk History Imagined: Trethewey House Event Review

Trethewey Heritage House in Abbotsford, BC hosted a fabulous Steampunk History Imagined event last Victoria Day long weekend for all neo-Victorian, steampunk and sci-fi fans.

We donned our clockwork couture fashions and spent an enjoyable afternoon socializing and taking in some fine events. Almost all the attendees wore their finest gear.

The afternoon started off with a swordplay demonstration complete with polite fighting tips. I held a sword for my first time ever. 

There were a wonderful selection of vegan and vegetarian treats, as well as tea. There were book writers and artists pitching their ware, as well as a yummy candy shoppe selections. 

We wandered the grounds and took in a quick game of croquet. We found a life-size chess set, a small lake, and an art gallery. The other visitors were quite dismayed that they forgot their costumes, hence they felt out-of-place, or is that out-of-space?

Trethewey House is a protected heritage landmark. Please peruse my photograph collection and keep them in mind for a wedding, Christmas party, or special event.

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