Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Clock Moth: A Steampunk Play Review

On the Victorian Day Monday we travelled by airship to Vancouver, BC, to take in a fabulous play entitled "The Clock Moth A Steampunk Play".

We weren't quite sure what to expect, and since they only accepted a $5 bribe for entrance, we felt we couldn't go wronger, unless we pilfered some cogs and gears from the local clockwork shop. Would the play be entertaining, would it be one of those crazy artistic renderings, and most of all, would it be steamy?

The play was in two acts, replete with an amazing cast of characters. It took me a bit of time to determine that a man was playing Lady Britannia. By that I don't mean he fooled me into the character, I meant I thought at first he was a man having a cuppa at the table! Characters also included Primrose as the clever little girl (is this name becoming popular after the Hunger Games?!); two adorable couples who pair up at the end, a butler who is really a woman, and the enigmatic clock moth!

We wore our goggles and aviators caps and journeyed to the farthest reaches of the jungle while they searched for the clock moth, who tells the time in a special way that only a moth can. By the end of time the moth had eluded them, so they determined that they could just use their watches from now on.

We had to pay attention to Virginia during the play and list her quotations on a form for a chance to win a prize! I was the first one to have all three answers correct. I won a lovely steampunk goggles sleep mask and a CD entitled "Catch the Cloth Moth" by Leo St. Mark. I really enjoyed the CD; the lyrics were based on the storyline of the play.

We enjoyed our playful journey and I do hope they come back for a reprise, as I do think that more adventurers should see it!

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