Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Can an individual really make money on Gigbucks and Google Adsense?

If you've read my first four blog posts today you'll see that fourth and fifth attempts at making money on the internet this week will be through Google Adsense, as well as trying out the new micromarketplace Gigbucks.

Google Adsense allows you to add ads to your blog, so that you can earn some cash. Readers may click on the ads on your blog which then earns the writer some bucks. No, you can't click on your own ads or you get banned. The program is really strict and the payment plan is so convoluted that unless you are already a millionaire, there is no negotiating the rates. Their FAQ can be found here, which tells you the details of their program. 

I've had Google Adsense added to my blog for over a year now. I must say it is not a good way to earn cash. Pennies accumulate so slowly so unless you are Stephen King or Nora Roberts, you might as well forget about paying your mortgage with this tool. 

I've written five blogs today, so I'll be monitoring my Adsense account to see how much money I make as compared to the auctions that I posted on Ebay, the items I'm selling on Craigslist, the gigs I'm selling on Fiverr and the gigs I'm selling on Gigbucks. I'll tally up all the totals in a week's time and offer my recommendations as to total amount of income earned, ease of website use, and any other issues such as payment delivery.

I've been doing this for some time now so I already have a clear idea what the results will be, but I'm sure that you the reader will be curious about the sales figures.

My next attempt was to sign up for Gigbucks. Gigbucks is for microlancers. You can sell all sorts of homemade crafts and services on here. Sign up was relatively simple. I verified my email address and posted my first gig. 

All went well except for two issues. One is that your gig does not show up right away, it has to be approved first. I'll provide you the link to my page and hope that something might show up tomorrow. The second issue I had was that you are only allowed to post one gig a day. A positive aspect of this site is that it allows gigs up to $50 for even a newbie. I guess I should have tried that first.

Stay tuned next Wednesday for my online sales report! Is it really worth spending time on the internet selling products and services?

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