Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Can one individual really make money on Ebay?

My blogging marathon continues. My third blog of the day will focus on whether I can make any money on Ebay.

I've already laid the foundation of five auctions. To be fair to each product, each will be allowed seven days to see what revenue comes in.

Since I'm involved in the mini fashion doll community and I love to craft, I put up some cute little doll outfits on Ebay. I'm not going to post links to every single item. One link to my About Me Page on Ebay - View Items for Sale should suffice. All items will be promoted to social media though.

As you can see, I have five items up for auction and two already have bids. There are only three days left in the auctions, which end Friday afternoon. This means that I'll have made at least $20 US for my efforts. I can only hope that the other three items will receive bids and sell.

These items are listed in the "Dawn Doll" Category on Ebay. Around 1998/1999 when Ebay selected the name "Ebay" for their site name the collectors petitioned Ebay for their own Dawn Doll category. It took a few years but eventually our own category was created. Today there are 1402 items in the Dawn Dolls category. Most of those auctions will last for seven days on the site. I'm going to calculate that about 200 new items are added each day. I'm saying that the odds of selling in this category are quite high. If we look at an electronics category on Ebay, for example Cell Phones and Accessories, there are over 500,000 items today.

Perhaps the secret to Ebay is finding your niche. Let's also keep in mind I've been on Ebay since before it was called Ebay. Established sellers likely do better due to reputation on Ebay and in the collecting community.

I'll post a follow up on Friday afternoon to let everyone know how my auctions did.

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