Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Being a Science Fiction Writer Means Writing, Not Waiting

I'm reposting this entry from two years ago, since it's still valid for writers today. I've added some updates too.

Many readers don't realize that I have written over 150 published and paid non-fiction articles. A good 3/4 of those were about annihilating your credit card, before it annihilated your life. The remainder were a miscellany of topics surrounding jewels, green living, and the 2010 Olympics. 

Besides writing some guest blogs and working on my own blog I've switched over to fictional writing.

When I was about 15 I wrote this rivetting story about the end of the universe. I wish I hadn't trashed it but it was the first science fiction story I ever wrote.

I started up again around the early 1990s with Dr. Who fan fiction. Many of my stories appeared in Mythmakers and DWIN's (Doctor Who Information Network) Enlightenment magazine.

Last year I had my short story, "Zombies Against the Confederacy of Steam," published in Marion Margaret's anthology entitled, "Confederacy of Steam Vs Zombies".

This year I've had another short story accepted to It's historical Egyptian fiction centering around a single parent family that lives in the City of the Dead. You can click here to download it. It's around $1 to buy "The Glass Marble". The short story is family-friendly and can be read to younger children. The editor felt that adults may also wish to read the story, hence its genre on the site.

I have about seven other short stories at publishers, hoping they will be accepted. I also am editing a YA novel that needs to go somewhere before spring starts. I am working on a non-fiction fictional book, if that makes sense? I've created a whole new genre! I intend on setting up a fun new website, which will require written content. I also continue to work on this blog, which hasn't generated a lot of income for me, perhaps a hot chocolate or two. So, lots of projects in progress.

What is my main writer's block? It's insomnia! I can't sleep at night, so I lay there, feeling sick and crappy. I finally get to sleep for a few hours, get out of bed and feel horrible the rest of the day. While I've trained myself to be on the computer even when I feel crappy, the time spent in bed, and the time spent sleeping all add up. I'm still trying to work on fixes for this situation so I can double my writing and work time. You can say it's a work in progress.

What it all comes down to is that being a writer is more than merely dreaming, being a writer is actually doing. 

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