Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Can one individual really make money on the internet?

I need to spend one day marathon blogging but that's a lot of writing. After all, ten posts on cute cat stories could get boring. No? Okay so I'll leave the ten cat posts for next week. 

Over the past few weeks I have been exploring ways to make money as a writer, particularly over the internet. I realized that while I may not necessarily focus on making money as a writer for the subject of this blog, making money on the internet is a fantastic subject for several blogs.

I started by deciding on which websites I would promote my products. Ebay and Craigslist are the main ones. Last week I started on Fiverr, an unknown for me, so I'll relate my own experiences with that site. Gigbucks is another of the main microselling sites, so I'll sign up and give it a try. I needed a fifth idea. Many of the other suggestions online took me to deleted or hacked websites. That's no good, I need to deal with reputable sites, plus the onus is on me to not take my readers to some site where their identities will be stolen. In the end I decided that Google Adsense was a good fifth choice.

One listing per website probably won't provide me an accurate indicator of success. Five posts should do it. After all, it takes time to take the photo and upload it, write out a description, edit the listing, preview and post. Each item needs to be promoted via Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest at least once. (Boy are my followers going to love me this week!)

Please follow me over the next week or so to see whether an individual can sign up for a bunch of websites, start listing products and see if any actual money can be made.

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