Monday, February 8, 2016

4 Things Every Vancouver Geek Needs to Survive the Big Earthquake

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Vancouverites barely survived their last earthquake in January 2016. Coffee was spilled, donuts were squashed, and worst of all, the patio furniture was askew. 

Californianites could give some tips to Vancouverites about how to survive the big one. For now, they'll just have to be happy with these geeky tips on how to survive the big earthquake. 
1. Sonic Screwdriver

You don't need just any old Doctor's screwdriver, you need River Song's sonic screwdriver. "Sweetie, it'll get you out of a pickle in no time," she would say.  

2. Police Public Call Box AKA The TARDIS

At the first sign of trouble, head to your nearest Police Public Call Box. Here you can hang out while you wait for the police to arrive. But if you live in most cities, that never happens, so your next best step is to call the Doctor. 

3. Fancy Drinks. 

Guinan in Star Trek would serve up the most amazing drinks in her Ten Forward bar. Follow suit by mixing up your very own. After all, if you don't, chances are those bottles are going to break and make a mess all over the floor. What a waste!

4. The Sanctuary

In the television series, the Sanctuary was a vast underground lair where the supernatural creatures of the Earth could hide from nefarious scientists who only wanted to tear them apart for study. It would also make a great spot to hide. 


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