Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Navis Salubris – Chapter Five – Sam by Mel Dawn

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Navis Salubris Serialized Short Stories

In our last chapter we were introduced to Riitta, who had been a politician running for the Prime Minister of Sweden. Besides the fact that the great zombie apocalypse was happening, Riitta had turned into a zombie. She received a ticket at the last possible moment. 

Just what are these tickets that our four new friends have acquired? Since it’s the end of the world, are they for heaven… or hell?

Let’s meet our fifth and final player in this zombie game.

Dr. Sam from Nigeria

Sam worked for Doctors Without Borders in Nigeria. He found it quite rewarding to help people with basic medical care that would save their lives—medical care that was taken for granted in the Western world. But after the latest bout of ebola, he was ready to call it quits. 

Sam was going through a long period of depression that last for weeks. His fellow colleagues were helpless—they had their own worries in ensuring that sanitation procedures were met so they didn’t get the virus—and there were no guarantees with that either. Sam tried to reach out to many, but found that they were suffering their own nightmares as well.

It was the end of a long twelve hour shift and he had stolen the key to the medicine cabinet. It was 4 am and there was no one around, except dying patients in the next room. They wouldn’t object to him raiding the cabinet.

He wasn’t disturbed as he closed the door behind him and unlocked the cabinet. There were so many options, but he was seeking a drug that would make it quick. He was tired of suffering.

He tossed some syringes in his pocket and pushed aside several glass bottles. He found what he was looking for in the back. He grabbed the bottle and tossed it into his pocket. He locked up and headed to the door.

There was a scratching noise at the door, so he stopped to listen. An envelope was pushed under the door, and then footsteps walked away. 

Sam knelt down to pick up the envelope. He read the words on the front, and then tore it open. 

“A ticket,” he mumbled to himself, as he pulled out the slim piece of paper. 

Next... Chapter Six – Abdul. 


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