Thursday, January 7, 2016

Navis Salubris – Chapter Four – Riitta

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Navis Salubris Serialized Short Stories

We’ve met our three previous characters, and have two more left to meet. They were each carrying on what was anything but a normal day—Abdul was fighting a war in Iraq until he realized he should be fighting for the human side—Nell suffered from an illness and was confined to home until the zombies broke in—and Wei was a young girl trying to avoid the zombies at a market in China. Each has been presented with a ticket—but what type of ticket do you send to five people who are experiencing the end of the world? Let’s see if Riitta and Sam receive a ticket too.


Riitta of Sweden

Riitta had been running for the Prime Minister of Sweden until zombies had taken over the small town of Trosa, where her parents lived. One by one her family had succumbed to the zombie plague, but the first thing Riitta learnt was that that was no guarantee that one would continue living. One by one she watched as her parents succumbed to the illness, and then her younger sister and brother. 

But instead of them turning into a family of zombies, they each disintegrated before her eyes. What was giving life to the zombies banging outside their doors and windows was not what would give them life. 

Riitta was doing her best to shovel dirt over their graves in the back yard, when she heard a zombie coming up behind her. She tensed and raised the shovel into the air. It was not the first time that she had to knock the head off a zombie. 

The zombie tapped her on the shoulder, causing her to drop the shovel. Since when were zombies civilized? She whirled around to confront him.

This zombie was male, and besides his distinctive glowing blue eyes, he was in relatively good condition for a dead person. He lifted his right hand and held something out to her.

“I don’t want any trouble,” she said to him in Swedish. 

The zombie mumbled a reply in turn. He nodded to the envelope, asking her to take it.

Riitta took it from his hands and watched as he turned and left the yard. How strange. They didn’t do that normally, did they?

She tore open the envelope. Inside was a ticket. She smiled, but had difficulty, as the flesh on her face was toughening up and turning black. Even though her eyes were glowing blue, she could still read the instructions on the ticket. 

Next... Chapter Five – Sam.


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