Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Real Reason There is a Skyrocketing Cat Population in Canada: Crazy Cat Lady or the Truth?

Before you say, "Great, it's not the humans' fault after all, it's the squirrels' or the truck drivers'", it's still the human's fault.

In 2011, over 600,000 cats did not find homes in Canada. Of that number, most have likely been euthanized.

My theory as to what happened is as follows.

For thousands of years humans were content to be born as humans, hunt and gather food, tend to the crops and raise their families. Somewhere around Victorian times humans became too smart for their own good and they knew it.

Humans started demanding basic human rights that were constantly taken away by their employers. They started abusing each other and demanding stuff for free. They wanted the government to look after them, but they didn't want to pay the taxes.

Humans sat down and had a good hard look at the world around them. They looked at their pets whom they loved. "I want to be a cat," they said to each other.

"If I can't be a cat in this life, I want to be a cat in my next life."

Tomorrow, those human souls become kittens via reincarnation.

By now you realize that your odds of finding a good kitty home are next to nil.

And once again, the cat overpopulation is still the humans' fault, just like it has always been.

SPCA Cat Report:

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