Thursday, May 2, 2013

Five Things I Loved About Vancouver Fan Expo & Five Things I Hated About Vancouver Fan Expo 2013

What I loved:

1. All the fabulous costumes that the fans wore, from comic book super heroes to Doctor Who to Star Wars characters.
2. Seeing the stars up close. We didn’t have to purchase autographs or photo sessions to see many wandering around or seated at one of the tables.
3. The panels with the stars which were very informative and entertaining.
4. The chance to buy some cool merchandise.
5. The chance to have our photographs taken with the stars.

What I hated:

1. It’s costly to buy a ticket that only allows entrance to the event, but does not offer anything else.
2. The lack of panels. This was a chance to hear the stars talk, but I guess they’d rather earn money selling photos and autographs.
3. The lack of non-comic book related merchandise. I seriously did not get my Doctor Who fix.
4. Being rushed through autograph and photo sessions. These cost from $40 plus, and only offered about one minute with each star.
5. The mass confusion and lack of security to direct people anywhere. A major concern after the Boston bombing.

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