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Why Adopt a Maine Coon Cat?

 Ten Reasons Why You Need to Adopt a Maine Coon Cat Now

If you’re seeking to adopt a cat then you may be trying to decide on why get a Maine Coon cat. Maine Coon cats are one of the most popular cat breeds in the world today. Whether you have a friend who has a Maine Coon cat, or you’ve simply viewed photos or videos online, this amazing cat breed can bring happiness to your life. 

Adopting a cat is as serious as adopting a human child, so you need to carefully consider your reasons why you want to shop, not adopt. If you already have a few cat rescues, then good on you! Now you can find the cat of your dreams who will get along with all your other furry or hairy companions. While there are dozens of pure bred cat breeds out there, there are also shelters full of cats too. We can assist you in finding your reason why you want to adopt the wonderful Maine Coon cat breed.

If you’re puzzled and uncertain how to start your cat adoption journey, here are ten reasons why you should get a Maine Coon cat. 

Why Adopt a Maine Coon Cat or Kitten?

Just what is so special about Maine Coon cats? They appear to get a ton of recognition in cat magazines, on cat social media websites, and at competitive cat shows. This cat can grow up to twenty-five pounds, though there are records of them being up to fifty pounds in weight. These cats can be up to 14 inches in height, and 40 inches in length. If you have young children, your main concern will be if this cat is safe around children. Perhaps the concern is because the Maine Coon cat is so large. It’s uncertain how they were initially bred, perhaps with Siberian forest cats, or Norwegian forest cats, then brought to the USA by settlers. The cat’s thick coat make them survive the harsh winters more easily. And since the cat is descended from a mix of house cat and wild cat, you may be wondering why you should get a Maine Coon cat. 

Here are ten reasons to help you learn about what is so special about Maine Coon cats. 

1. The Maine Coon’s Beautiful Coat Pattern

The Maine Coon cat has some beautiful coat markings. Their fur is of medium length, and can also be long-haired too. Their coat is super soft and silky, with some variations. This does make them a bit more difficult to care for, but that’s some of the fun of having a cat. Their long-haired coats are also much easier to care for than a Persian cat, so might be a better choice if you don’t want to do hours of grooming every day. Their fur length can be longer on their stomach, and they may have a mane of fur around their necks. Their fur does get thicker in the winter, then sheds before the summer. Brown tabby is their most common coat pattern colour. 

2. Their Wonderful Personality

Despite their appearance, Maine Coon cats generally have a calm and gentle demeanor. They are also highly intelligent, which may be a part of how they recognize that they will thrive with a family if they are cooperative. And due to their intelligence, they are easy to train. This is not the type of cat that hisses or swats at you, though there may be an exception. If you have young children or other pets, the Maine Coon cat will be relaxed around others. They’re also quite loyal to their families. 

3. A Fur Coat That Protects Them

Maine Coon cats evolved to survive harsh conditions on the sea, and also on land. If you live in a wet or colder than expected part of the UK, Europe, or the world, then this may be the right cat for you. They have long fluffy tails, and more fur on their tummies. This helps to keep them protected from snow or icy surfaces. They can take their long fluffy tails and wrap them around their face and shoulders to keep themselves warm. They also have extra-large paws, with some of them being polydactyl, with extra feet. Their ears have long tufts of fur at the top, with extra tufts of fur growing from between their toes. 

4. The Maine Coon’s Amazing Size

This type of cat is too big to be a lap cat, so if that’s what you want, you may have to choose a different breed. This is one of the largest cat breeds in the world today, with the exception of the Savannah cat. Male cats can weigh up to 18 pounds, while female cats cat weight up to 16 pounds. There are some exceptions, as this breed has been recorded to up to fifty pounds (though likely overweight). Including the tail, their bodies can be 38 inches in length. They have solid muscular bodies and can defend themselves quite well against predators (though you’ll want to keep your family member inside). 

5. Their Method of Communication

If you want a quiet cat, you’d best look elsewhere. The Maine Coon cat is quite vocal, and they enjoy having chats with their humans. These extremely vocal and highly sociable cats have no problem in telling you what they want. They have a wide range of sounds that you’ll soon learn to understand. These sounds can vary from howling or yowling to trilling, chirping, meowing, and other loud vocalizations. They also enjoy when their humans participate, so you’ll be able to have a good conversation back and forth. 

6. The Maine Coon Cat’s Love of Water

Cats generally hate water, so it can be surprising when your cat climbs into the shower or bathtub with you. And that’s what can happen when you adopt a Maine Coon cat. They love the water, whether it’s joining you in the bath, or going for a walk outside in the rain, or hopping into a lake. They have this wonderful fascination with water. This adorable trait is believed to come from their ancestors, who had to get used to long ship journeys from Europe to America, then back again. Back then these cats would spend a lifetime on these ships, controlling the rodent population so that the human food chain was kept safe. 

7. They Don’t Need a Special Diet

One of your concerns when adopting a cat may be if this cat breed requires a different type of diet than your average house cat. The truth is no, they don’t. They can eat the same crunchies and wet food and treats that other cats can eat. The difference is that the Maine Coon cat does need more food, as they are not only bigger, but also can expend more energy. They’ll also need to be fed more often throughout the day. They are as simple to feed as your usual house cat though.

8. Maine Coon Cats Are Extremely Affectionate

One of their most notable personality traits can be how affectionate these cats are. They are very gentle, and have a calm demeanor, but they are also not afraid to express their affection to their family too. You can expect to be greeted when you arrive home from work, and have your cat rub around your legs, and hop on top of you in the chair to give you a big hug. And it doesn’t matter if the cat is male or female, they’re both big cuddlers.  The more you encourage the cuddles, the more that they’ll be willing to cuddle up to you, particularly in bed at night.  

9. They Love to Play

Sometimes you adopt a cat and they aren’t too playful. But that isn’t true for the Maine Coon cat. These cats love to play as they’re highly energetic. They’ll have fun with your other pets in the household, or by themselves. But you should also join in on the fun and toss their toys around. They’ll have fun, and maybe even bat that toy back at you, or carry it back to you in their mouth. You should dedicate time each day to spend with your cat. You’ll both have fun together, and playing together will help you to both bond more quickly. 

10. They Love Going Outdoors

Maine Coon cats love going outdoors, but you should only allow them monitored outdoor visits. The good news is that these cats are easy to leash train, and will enjoy a daily walk outdoors. Rain or snow will not stop them, they’ll still want to go out! If you build a catio for them, this will provide them with some fresh air while you take a break. And since these cats are so calm, they’ll do well in your local parks, even if there are other people or animals around. 

Hopefully the wonderful ten reasons listed above will assist you with deciding why you should get a Maine Coon cat. You’ve now learned what is so special about Maine Coon cats, their size, traits, and personality, and how they can be the perfect pet for you or your family. Your male or female kitten or adult cat will quickly settle in, and you’ll be so happy to have a furry new family member! 

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