Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Book in Editing Stages? Start Marketing Now!

Start marketing your book now, and you'll start making sales the moment it hits the shelves. (or Amazon!)

Writing a book for independent publishing can seem like a lot of work, but it’s going to require even more effort to market it. Since you won’t have the guidance of a publisher you’ll be relying on yourself to ensure that all marketing bases are covered. For this reason, it’s important that you begin marketing your book in advance of publication date, so you create excitement. Imagine having a long line of readers lined up, ready to buy your book the moment the release date comes.

Here are some effective book marketing techniques that are going to be labor-intensive, so you should give yourself a head start.

Create Your Landing Page

A landing page is the first page of your author’s website. Some authors like to create a website that lists the name of their book series, but unless you have endless sources of cash, creating a website domain name with your author’s name will suffice. This will enable readers to find you by your name.

Your landing page should also display your book’s cover. People remember visual images better than an author’s name. Later, if they see your book on the booksellers’ sites, they may be tempted to buy it. 

Your landing page should also have a blurb about your book, and where to order it online. You can also have additional links on your website with contact information.

Place a Lead Magnet to Entice Readers to Sign Up

There are many free online tools that will help you collect email addresses which you can use for marketing your book. Placing a lead magnet on your landing page will entice your future readers to sign up for your mailing list. You can offer something in exchange for their email address: a newsletter, short story, or book. 

Create a Newsletter

You can begin promoting your book by sending a newsletter out to those email addresses that you collected through your email marketing tools. 

Social Media Marketing

Once you have your website and first newsletter created you can begin announcing your book’s release date. If you haven’t already done so, create a separate author’s page on Facebook. Set up social media accounts on other sites that you aren’t already on.

You can also use a social media aggregator such as HootSuite, so you can save time by completing all your social media posts in one spot.

Create a Contest

A giveaway can create buzz for your new book. You’ll want to make it simple for people to enter. There are some great online tools that can help you set up a raffle with your Facebook author’s page.

Hand Out Flyers, Bookmarks, and Pens

Have inexpensive promotional products created, such as pens, bookmarks, or notepads. When you tell people about your latest book release you’ll be handing them a gift so that they will remember to look you up later.

Accept Preorders

Are you confident your book is on target with its release date? Then accept preorders. This gives you an early start to the earning power of your book. It could give you some early cash in your pocket to buy bookmarks, pens, or other promotional materials. 

When you’re traditionally published your publisher handles your book promotions, but when you’re an independent writer you must focus all your efforts on marketing your book, particularly if you’re an unknown in your field. Even if you’re still editing your book, create a buzz surrounding its release. When those first sales start coming in you’ll appreciate how you started early on your book marketing efforts. 

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