Wednesday, November 6, 2013

How to Follow a Blog

When I first started out blogging and reading blogs, I had no idea how to follow them, other than "Add a Bookmark" on my Bookmarks menu. Since then I must have acquired about 2000 Bookmarks, so now I can't find anything, even with the Search feature.

I've slowly learned to add gadgets to my Royal City Blog, to make it easier for people to follow me.

For some reason Google removed the Follow button at the top left for other Blog members, much to the angst of the entire Blogger community.

Here's a few tips about how to Follow in the new way.

1. On the top left of this page is the Google+ share button. If you haven't already signed up for Google+ it will give you an option to do so. Beside this is the "More" link. It will give you three options, Share by email, Share by Twitter and Share by Facebook. This will take you to either Facebook, where you can share the link, or Twitter, where you can share a Tweet. This is an easy way to find your spot when you wish to return to the post later. We'll talk about sharing by email in a bit.

2. Move to the right of the page and find "Subscribe to". Select either Posts or Comments. There are three options on the list: Netvibes, My Yahoo and Atom. This will add a New Content box to your Newsreader/feeder. Right underneath this is the Google+ icon again, in case you missed it at the top of the page.

3. If you don't wish to sign up on all these sites, an easy option is to subscribe by email. Enter your email address in the box under "Follow by Email". You will receive new posts in your mail box. This is an easy way to keep up, without having to visit your favourite blogs each day. As far as I know this is private, the email addresses are not shared with anyone, including the blogger you are following.

4. Scroll to the end of the post. Right underneath Posted by Mel Dawn are several buttons: Email This, Blog This, Twitter, Facebook and Google +.

5. Depending on whether you are viewing the entire blog or have opened up an individual post, there may be another Google + button or Subscribe to Atom feed button at the very bottom of the page.

Please add a comment to the end of this post if you know of other ways I can add gadgets or show people how to Follow.

I hope to see you "Following" my Blog!

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