Wednesday, October 10, 2012

HISTORY REIMAGINED: The Victorians Were the First to Invent Hidden Hearing Aids!

The 21st century may have invented a hearing aid the size of a pea, but the concept of an unseen hearing aid is not original to our time.

Hidden hearing aids cleverly disguised as something else, so as not to embarrass the user, were invented during the Victorian age.

Certain objects such as vases, horns, and walking sticks were repurposed as hearing aids. The object would be set in place, while a long flexible hose would be cleverly concealed under a chair or table, leading up to a small horn hidden inside the end of a walking stick or even an item of jewellery. The end of the hearing aid would be casually held up to the ear. The user appeared to be pondering thoughtfully, rather than using a device to hear better.

No more need to be embarrassed by asking over and over again what your cohort has said. You can hear it the first time round! Appear intelligent with great intellect as you engage in fine conversation.

Queen Victorian had her own silver horn version but didn't think to have it concealed, as she was the queen after all.

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