Monday, July 16, 2012

A Tarnished Past: My Article in the Steampunk Issue of Dark Beauty Magazine

Here's a brief excerpt of my article, "A Tarnished Past" published in the second annual Steampunk Issue of Dark Beauty Magazine.

I wasn't sure what to except when I sent in my article. Each monthly issue of Dark Beauty Magazine can either be downloaded or a print copy may be ordered. Since there were few samples online, I didn't know how small or large the issue was going to be. Would it be better than Gothic Beauty Magazine?

I was pleasantly surprised to receive the Steampunk Issue. Actually I said, "WOW!" when I opened it up. It's over 170 full colour pages, which explains the vast price tag. Or a download can be obtained for a mere $9.99. The entire issue is devoted to Steampunk fashion, photos, contraptions, Victoriana, and devices. If you're into Steampunk or science fiction, this is the definitive issue for you!

I've included a short sample to my article here. Please buy a copy of this fabulous ephemera at Dark Beauty Magazine so a third annual Steampunk will be possible in 2013.

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