Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thrilling Thursdays Presents: What the Cat Saw

A short flash fiction story of the thriller genre.

Please note the PG13 rating, some scenes of violence.

"You look a bit tired today, you came in late last night," Pete commented to his wife over the morning paper.

"I know, the girls wouldn't" stop chatting," Sue replied back. 

She tapped tuna off the spoon and into the cat food dish. After laying the dish at Mimsey's paws, she joined her husband at the breakfast nook.

Pete thrust the newspaper towards her face.

"I knew that crazy neighbour across the street was abusing his wife. She killed him in self-defense."

"What," his wife shrieked. She grabbed the paper to steady it. She rapidly read through the story. 

"How awful! I think they were called the Smiths. It says she's in a coma and may not make it."

"What a tragedy," Pete said. They both mused about the incident.

"I'm off to work now." Pete put his cup down, and grabbed his coat and briefcase from behind the chair.

"Have a good day dear. I'll try to continue to enjoy my vacation," Sue said, visibly shaken.

He paused by the door. "Where did you say the cat came from?"

"I found her outside, she was drenched and starving," his wife replied back.

Pete took a long look at Mimsey. 

"She looks like the neighbour's cat, I saw one just like her in their yard."

"Just as well she's here then. No one to look after her now, not that they did anyway, poor thing." Sue reached down to stroke the cat. 

Later that morning Mimsy lay on their bed. Her paws twitched and her tail swayed back and forth in her sleep.

In her dreams she was fleeing.

"I don't want that cat around here no more," an angry man's voice cried. 

Mimsy felt herself being grabbed and pulled into the air. A door crashed against its frame and heavy feet stomped down a set of steps.

"No!" cried a woman's voice,"Bring my cat back." Tiny steps followed.

Mr. Smith threw Mimsy against the fence. The cat fell on the ground and lay stunned. Now was the time to run but she was concerned for her mistress. She watched as he pushed his wife against the fence. Mimsey watched the fence give way as her mistress fell in a tangle of wood right down the embankment.

The cat launched herself at her enemy's head. The man struck her aside. 

Mimsy landed hard on the grass. She watched horrified as her beloved human's body hit the concrete paving below. She didn't have time to see if the body moved. She braced herself for a kick from the man's boot.

Her eyes whipped to a movement from behind the man. There was a blur of red hair and the green flash of a bottle as it struck the side of the man's head.

Blood and small bits of bone mixed with the champagne as it spewed across the grass. 

A woman with red hair scooped up Mimsey and they ran.

Suddenly, Mimsy woke up to her tummy being rubbed.

She gazed up at Sue. 

"Wake up liitle kitty. You're having a bad dream." Sue kept on stroking her. "I promise I will always take care of you."

Mimsey started purring and gazed up in adoration at her new red-haired mistress.

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