Friday, December 2, 2011

50 Ways to Save Money to Buy Dawn Dolls

I've been circulating these tips since I re-started collecting my doll collection back in 1997.

There's always ways to save money and cut back on expenses so you have more money to buy Dawn dolls and accesssories. Here are some tips and tricks so you can buy that NRFB PT Glori today.

1. Stop eating.
2. Stop car payments.
3. Stop paying rent/mortgage.
4. Stop paying insurance.
5. There is such a thing as a free lunch - call your friends!
6. Hitchhike to work.
7. Don't go anywhere.
8. Don't answer the phone, it might be creditors.
9. Stop paying Visa/Mastercard bills.
10. Furnish home with castoffs.
11. Eat at soup kitchens.
12. Steal toilet paper from work.
13. Run an extension cord to the outer hallway outlet if you live in an apartment building.
14. Splice into neighbour's cable.
15. Pimp out hubby.
16. Steal stuff like staplers from work and auction off on online auction sites.
17. Eat your co-workers' lunches from the fridge.
18. Call long distance from work.
19. Speak a foreign language when the creditors call again.
20. Take out your neighbour's laundry in the laundry room and put your own in, before they notice!
21. Ask your neighbor for sugar, then go back the next day and ask for flour, the next day ask for potatoes, and the next day ask for hamburger.
22. Butter, the new hand lotion.
23. Grease pans with butter wrappers.
24. Use lard as cold cream.
25. Let dog/cat clean dishes.
26. Let dog clean floor, save on Lysol.
27. Save on dogfood by letting dog clean dishes and floor.
28. Check trash for cans, fight off homeless!
29. Ask homeless for spare change.
30. Top Ramen festive holiday meals.
31. Pick vegetables from your neighbor's yard.
32. Pick your own food from city parks.
33. Grab that croissant off the outdoor table at Starbucks and run!
34. Burn your furniture in the fireplace.
35. Wash dishes with bubblebath.
36. Wash hair with bubblebath.
37. Use coffee filters as baby wipes.
38. Wash floor with balsalmic vinegar if the dog didn't do a good job.
39. Serve balsalmic vinegar in wine glasses to guest if you run out of wine.
40. Coat twigs with spices and serve to guests.
41. Garbage bags, the new kinky bed sheets.
42. Stop wearing underwear, cut laundry in half!
43. Steal paper towels from work.
44. Make your own paper from flyers.
45. Make curtains into a gown for the company Christmas party.
46. Snip up your clothes and make doll clothes to sell on online auction sites.
47. Pay your Mastercard with your Visa and Vice Versa, pay rent with credit cards.
48. Steal your neighbour's newspaper.
49. Sell off everything not directly related to your Dawn doll addiction.
50. Sell off the dolls you are totally bored with. Gasp!

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